The foundation’s first cultural project is a concert version of the rock opera “Herod”

The main action of the rock opera “Herod” takes the viewer back two thousand years, even before
the birth of Christ. The whole action takes place in Jerusalem, where the cruel king of Judea, who
rules the country, is building his temple.
The people groan under the yoke of the tyrant, but remain silent.
Everything changes when love comes to Herod for the first time in the form of young Mariamna. The
king becomes softer, his soul gradually becomes warmer. But this is exactly what scares the tyrant.
He realizes that he is losing his power, that love turns him into a simple person. And then he makes
the most terrible decision – he orders to kill Mariamna, and in her face also his love for her. It seems
to him that in this way he will return his power, return to the usual life of the executioner and
usurper. But it does not work out. The internal struggle in his soul is so exhausting that he loses his
mind. In this state, he becomes even more cruel. Everything and everyone around him seems to be
his enemies, nothing brings joy, life turns into hell. In the end, Herod dies. In complete darkness and
alone. Actually, this is the natural end of a tyrant.

When the day comes, will end the war, lost myself there, until I saw the bottom. That day will come. It will definitely come. And we will hug each other. Now we need to restore hope to the Ukrainians. And their destroyed homes. This is our priority plan. We will not return to the "pre-war" state, we will build a new one! Better! On February 24, the lives of millions of people changed. The neighbor, whose roof "blew off" a long time ago, decided to destroy us. That's why he broke in and carried off real roofs on our houses. Someone is trying to fix their home on their own, someone who simply has nowhere to return to, went to a foreign country... The trouble has not gone anywhere. Half-ruined buildings, completely destroyed houses... Who knocks on the thresholds of administrations, looking for help. But houses are not built in the state now, the first need is to expel this evil spirit from our land! All Ukrainians are now united. Everyone in their place is doing everything possible to bring Victory Day closer. Someone is in a trench with a machine gun, and someone with a shovel and cement. We begin. Our goal is to return people to their homes. But if someone has only the walls left, then many have a large ashtray on the site of the house. That's where we cast our eyes, that's where we go with our ideas, projects and technology. And with your help, we will do everything necessary so that Ukrainians forget those horrors, so that children start studying and playing in their rooms, so that people understand that they will not be left alone with their misfortune. Yes, construction is an important part. But we must remember that Ukraine is a wealth of talent. It is impossible to enumerate them, because there is no such area of life where Ukrainians would not contribute their destiny. One of them is Art. Therefore, we chose art as our other activity. The state belongs to the young. They are our future. They will rebuild both houses and culture. And we are trying to find these talents, we will help those talented Ukrainians who dream of the stage, who have incredible scenarios, plots of new books, who want and can revive what Ukrainians have struggled with over the centuries, who will raise culture from its knees. At the same time, let's not forget about the children! Because the development of children's creativity, support of talents is the most important thing! For years they were forgotten... We will correct this unfortunate mistake. And we also remember our famous poets, composers, sculptors, whose works have been lying in cabinets and tables, in workshops and garages for years. We will show their best works to people, because we have no right to forget about those who have been creating for decades, but did not have the opportunity to present their creations to people. We will succeed! We are sure! We invite you to join our team. Ideas and donations are worth their weight in gold. By building a house, we will rebuild the country. We will revive life with culture! Because we are Ukrainians! And everything will be Ukraine!

..Since.. 2022